An Alternative Way To Say Goodbye To Your Loved One

Cremation is one of the three most common forms by which burials have been performed throughout history. Unlike inhumation, inflammation is the process of burning the deceased. According to the scientific definition, this is the mineralization of the deceased’s body to the basic ingredients due to exposure to high temperatures.

Cremation Originates from the Ancient Age

The first evidence pointing to cremation we find 42,000. years before the new era in Australia, on Lake Mungo. Cremation has historically been performed all around the world, among different peoples, and data indicate that it was most widespread in India, among religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Cremation is Performed Under Certain Conditions

Cremation is performed in a special place – a crematorium – which consists of one or several furnaces. All these furnaces must be designed according to special regulations and be strictly built of refractory material.

San Bernardino cremation has modern crematorium models with automatic regulation of the process that lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours. The bodies of the deceased are exposed to temperatures between 1472 and 1832 Fahrenheit.

Cremation also involves environmentally friendly crates made of soft wood, free of metal parts and coatings.

The funeral company San Bernardino cremation is at your disposal if you have decided on this type of burial of the deceased. The cremation process begins with the submission of a cremation request. The persons who can submit this request are:

-spouse of the deceased

-blood relatives in the first line

-relatives in the collateral lineage

What Else Do You Need to Know About Cremation?

Since this area is legally regulated, it is best to plan the cremation in advance. First of all, you need the consent of the person during the life in which he/she clearly expressed that he/she wants to be cremated, and in addition to all this, it is necessary to do certain procedures and paperwork. That is why crematorium posses cold chambers where bodies are kept in order to prevent decomposition. Also, the deceased’s ashes are kept in special bowls called urns.

Final Words

Cremation is an increasingly popular choice in today’s society, among all generations. The reason for this is perhaps the increased environmental awareness among all people; because cremation is the most environmentally friendly solution. And perhaps the reason is economic because when you consider the costs of burial and cremation, cremation is an economically much more favorable solution.