Month: July 2019


Picking an Eyeshadow Palette for Your Eye Color

Sometimes choosing the right eyeshadow palette feels less like shopping for makeup, and more like shopping for a car. What’s the right color? What’s the right price? How’s the quality? Will it make me look good? There are so many different factors, and let’s face it, a palette can be quite an investment. However, companies like Dose of Colors, offer cruelty-free options at a fair price. Rather than fussing over what colors are in this season, try picking your palette based on something that will probably never change- your eye color. 

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most common color in the world. That’s great news though because it means that the world of makeup has a ton of options that will have you serving up some looks in no time. Since you already have deep, dark eyes, try going for shades that are a little subtler than black. A smokey gray will look great on you, and shades of plummy purple will bring out the depth in your eyes. Deep greens also work great, further enriching that already beautiful brown.

Blue Eyes

Using the word “blue” covers a lot of ground but here we mostly mean true blue rather than grayish silver tones (But don’t worry, we’ll get to you too!) If you’re one of those folks with shimmering baby blues, shoot for palettes with a good range of corals, bronze, or brickish red tones. Those warm colors will stand out against your eyes, rather than make them disappear as a green or blue would. If you’re not into reds, a good batch of neutrals can help you build a perfect smokey eye that will absolutely sizzle.

Hazel Eyes

Honey eyed angels as you should look for tones that are just as rich as those golden eyes of yours. Look for shades that feel autumnal and warm. Olive greens, earthy browns, shades of gold and ochre, as well as bronze all make your eyes stand out. Highlights are easy for you too, as long as you look for similarly warm shades. Creamy warm whites, light yellow, and shimmery buff tones will look gorgeous. You also happen to look way better than everyone else in shades of blue, like periwinkle and navy. (Congrats!)

Amber Eyes

Amber eyed babes will want to accentuate the little flecks of green and gold that give their eyes that distinctive shine. Avoid heavy black … Read the rest