Editing Services

Nancy has extensive experience developing and editing web sites, custom publications, special magazine sections, supplements, stand-alone issues, and books on a wide variety of topics for such clients as Time Inc. Custom Publishing, Readerís Digest, Working Mother Media, Hearst, Hachette, Gruner & Jahr, Childrenís Television Workshop, and Studio One Networks.

For these projects, she creates concepts and content, assigns and edits all copy, and works with writers to guarantee the desired approach and voice for the client. She also collaborates with art directors, photo editors, and stylists on visual treatments.
Projects include:
Managing Editor, CompletelyYou.com Nancy was the managing editor for this health web site, produced by Studio One Networks.
Managing Editor, ChargeUpForGoodHealth.com Nancy was the managing editor for this health web site, produced by Studio One Networks.
Editor, Mini-Magazine Onserts for Glamour Magazine Special mini-issues (16-24 pages) covering beauty/​fashion/​health and fitness polybagged with regular issues. These editorial "onserts" are for clients such as Target, Wal-Mart and other major retailers.
Editor, Home Basics: Custom magazine produced by Time Inc. Custom Publishing for Unilever Canada.
Contributing Editor, Target The Family Health: 50-page custom magazine produced by Time Inc. Custom Publishing for Target stores.
Editor, Cooking Up an End to Childhood Hunger: Developed and edited a celebrity cookbook sponsored by Unilever BestFoods.
Editor-in-Chief, Readerís Digest Christmas Web Site: Produced the content for 220 web pages of recipes, decorating and craft projects, carols, and stories.
Editor-in-Chief, Readerís Digest Christmas Magazine: Produced a full-size, 112-page issue, focused on cooking and decorating for the holidays, annually for three years.
Editor, Readerís Digest Viewpoints on Health: Produced direct-mail, digest-sized booklets on coping with serious health problems for clients such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Parke-Davis Pfizer, and other pharmaceutical companies.
Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitanís All About Men: Produced a special single issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Contributing Editor, Working Mother (2002-2004)
o Responsible for developing and editing the "Go Home" section of the magazine including Health News, Hot Topic, Quick Dish (all food pages), and Learning Curve (child behavior, education, and development column, which I also wrote).

Publishing Consultant and Editor, Avon Books (1993-1997)
o Developed nonfiction book ideas for a new line of mass-market paperbacks,
o Found writers best-suited for the series, matched them with the right projects, and oversaw the writing of proposals.
o Worked with writers to fully develop book concept and structure.
o Line-edited all manuscripts.

Articles Editor, Child, Gruner & Jahr USA (8/​95 - 4/​96)
o Developed issue lineups with executive editor
o Supervised senior and associate editors
o Top-edited copy and wrote cover lines
o Assigned and edited features and columns
o Consulted with art director and designers on visual treatments

Editor-in-Chief, Woman's Day Beauty and BodyHealth, Hachette Filipacchi (5/​93 - 8/​95)
o Planned, assigned, and edited quarterly 112-page custom magazines with 550,000 national circulation.
o Collaborated with art director on visual treatments, approved models and photographers, supervised at shoots, and had final approval of all layouts.
o Managed full-time and freelance staff and budgets.

Senior Editor, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Hearst (10/​89 - 4/​93)
o Developed several dozen original article ideas each month.
o Assigned articles and worked closely with writers to create stories consistent with Cosmopolitan's specialized style.
o Edited (and sometimes rewrote) five articles per issue and two columns.

Editor, The Philip Lief Group (2/​88 - 10/​89)
o Targeted trends and gaps in the market for book packager, and developed non-fiction book ideas to fill those gaps. Specialized in how-to, self-help, pop psychology, cooking and entertaining, and decorating books
o Wrote proposals, teamed experts with writers, agented the books, and edited (and sometimes rewrote) manuscripts.

Editor, Michael Friedman Publishing Group (1/​87 - 2/​88)
o Developed, edited, and rewrote book projects on cooking, entertaining, decorating, crafts, sports, gardening, and health.

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